Web Shop Connection

Sophisticated dynamic online shop for the business-to-business scope as component of DELECO®

An order system in the B2B-sector and a comfortable web shop in one: All customer and item information are currently available by the direct access to the DELECO® database.

  • JavaScript-routines to realise a safe and fast purchase process
  • Price charging of items and variation items
  • Shopping cart is realised completely on the side of the client, can be operated comfortably and simply
  • Hierarchic system of product groups


Users can work independently from each other in teams

  • Layout
  • Individual design by templates
  • Dynamic creation of answering pages
  • Generating the final HTML-pages by templates and item information determined from the database


Access control

  • Sophisticated safety mechanisms
  • Authorisation via user administration in the DELECO® ERP-system
  • Guest access for not authorised users


Statistic function

  • Exact overview about the acceptance of the web shop at the customer at each time
  • Data about the accesses for single items and functions



  • Illustration of the price in foreign currency according to the defined currency information at the authorisation
  • Access to individual price lists of foreign currency of the customer


Enlargement with additional components

  • Information about stocks and delivery capability
  • Information about status of the customer orders
  • Automated forwarding of prospects to traders in the particular region as enlargement of the shop component


  • User-dependent access control
  • Sophisticated ordering and shopping cart system
  • Full multilingualism
  • Individual design of the layout by using templates
  • Modular construction for later enlargement with additional components
  • Hierarchic system of product groups
  • Supports variation items
  • Works with different currencies
  • Manifold statistic function
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