ERP-Software Deleco Produktionsplanung PPS


Multilayer functions for exact processes

Machines, plants and robots – in order to give a face to products highly developped tools are available today. The complex branch-specific functions of the DELECO®-modules for the production planning (PPS) work in the background. They are the key for planning, control and illustration of the whole production chain – starting at the preparation until the reporting of completion.


Work preparation

Technology - Picture all information about the production of a part or board
Technology - Picture all information about the production of a part or board


Picture all information about the production of a part or board

Work planning and control must match together perfectly like gear-wheels. All measures focus on the fact to make the production easily, smoothly and efficiently. Herewith, DELECO® uses smart functions and synchronised cycles like the administration of parts lists and working plans in consideration of piece and setting-up times. They are the basis for an automatic generating of the production orders. To guarantee auditing acceptibility the work takes place with different technology variations. Items from the construction are set up comfortably. There is a bidirectional linking of drawing and item data. With it, multi-level parts lists will be transferred fast as well as correctly from the CAD-software to DELECO®.


Production orders

Production order - For the clear picturing of parts and boards
Production order
Production order - For the clear picturing of parts and boards

Production order

For the clear picturing of parts and boards

How many parts or boards have to be produced? When are the earliest and latest start or end dates? Is the necessary material available? The working surfaces of the production orders deliver answers to those questions and further important data. In order to work time-saving and with it economically in the production the production orders will be released multi-level and all technical documents like for example drawings are exported directly if demanded. DELECO® also lays on fast clarity per traffic light colours at the material availability.

In order to recognise incorrect parts early and to start with the replacement of the troubles or a new production without delay so additional test working cycles for the quality control are inserted to the working plan. So DELECO® takes care for the fact that just correct products leave the company.


Factory data capture

Clarity and simple handling at the feedback of the executed processes are most important for a fast and concentrated work in the production. DELECO® offers working surfaces that can be operated simply for the charging of the single working cycles, unplanned activities or material withdrawals. Furthermore, the use of barcode scanners lead to correct inputs. Additionally, the feedback terminals become an information medium with DELECO® for the employees. Here, the accounts of the working time and holiday can be appealed personalised for example.



"DELECO® meshes perfectly with our working procedure. The processes in the production planning are thought-out and include all relevant factors like personnel, resources, disposal or external production as well. The program surface is really intuitive; all employees whether young or already a little bit older get along with the system fast."

Marcel Richter, Authorised Officer

Getriebebau Nossen GmbH & Co. KG

Production order planning

The desired delivery date, the point in time of the material provision or resources like machines or external services – which of these factors turn the balance DELECO® schedules the production precisely. Herewith, the earliest and/or latest start and end date will be determined for each working cycle.

The planning of the machine occupation which controls and prioritises the capacities takes place with the help of defined rules. Defiles conditioned by dates and availabilities will be determined hereby as well as subdivided automated. Orders and associated working cycles as well as resources are pictured in colours in a Gantt-diagram. Additionally, a histogram shows the capacities of the machines with extra or low occupancy. By charging figures, the production planning is added by analysis possibilities like the percentaged usage rate of the resources for example.


Personnel employment planning

An optimal employee planning has a high part at the profitability of a company. That is why qualifications deposed in the system to assign the personnel automatically or manually are used in the DELECO® Control Panel for the working cycles in the production.

Furthermore, it is possible to calculate and show personnel defiles as well as to change the shift plans of the employees targeted for one or several time periods. Due to this fact you can react especially to personnel losses based on holiday or illness for example. To plan employees there are different clear, graphic views. An employee occupation plan, a work-related illustration and histograms about the usage rate of the personnel belong to that amongst others. The functionality of the DELECO® Control Panel also includes the illustration of extra machine operation.


Analyses and DELECO® Cockpit

Different overviews and analyses like capacity usage rate, working cycle overview, date control, target-actual-comparison of the production times or order progress can be appealed via the Cockpit.


  • Real time information
  • Linking to CAD- and PDM-systems
  • Disposal of multi-level parts lists
  • Resource and capacity planning
  • Date control as well as control of the production progress
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