ERP-Software Deleco Kundenbeziehungsmanagement

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Communication holds all the cards

Personal relationships as well as the knowledge about processes and activities with customers and prospects play a main role for the whole success of a company. The DELECO® customer relationship management (CRM) is the most important tool of the internal and external communication: The abundance of information is fixed, pictured transparently and provided to the departments for selective analyses and interactions.


Contact management

Contact administration - Your contacts in the overview
Contact administration
Contact administration - Your contacts in the overview

Contact administration

Your contacts in the overview

Always be at the right place – due to DELECO® CRM. Functions to record and maintain all contact data build the direct link to prospects, suppliers and customers. Additional details like done orderings or turnovers create the important background knowledge for a sure business communication.


Document administration

Orders, orderings, certificates, contract documents: find and appeal relevant documents directly at the contact – this is efficient and saves the search in record and file folders. So knowledge is shared in the company, you have central access to information and the ability to obtain and provide information is sure at each time.



"DELECO® is our initial point for a professional, reliable communication with customers and business partners worldwide. Hereby, the most important additives are the activities which serve as digital memory in the marketing and distribution department. So we keep an eye on the fact for example which customer or prospect has received which advertising message and if this created a positive feedback. Especially, we also maintain the relationship to the jewellers which conduct our watches in the range of products. Starting at the shipping of our christmas cards until the business visit – each contact can be documented. For us, this is a basic condition for trusting, long-term partnerships and a successful market presence."

Christine Hutter, Managing Director

Grossmann Uhren GmbH, Glashütte

Communication and business relationship

Activities - Contact information and scheduling
Activities - Contact information and scheduling


Contact information and scheduling

A stylistically confident communication does not only belong to the right manner in the today's business world, but it is really essential – especially according to marketing and customer loyalty. A complete and detailed history of the communication as well as all activities is necessary for the continuous sales approach. Even new employees find the optimal talking level quickly by this documentation. This creates a strong basis to stabilise and to expand the business relationships.


Dates and tasks

Define and schedule – the workflow of each company lives by its tasks, whose hold-files and tracking. Activities are allocated target-oriented and in line with the times. Each employee improves its own organisation herewith and contributes to a structured working procedure with it.


Analyses and DELECO® Cockpit

Cockpit - Turnover statistics
Cockpit - Turnover statistics


Turnover statistics

Offer rates and the acquisition of new business partners define the work of the distribution department. DELECO® organises the date planning and lays on solid, personalised analyses which are available online in the information portal Cockpit.


  • Office linking
  • Telephone integration
  • Shipping of form E-mail and newsletter
  • Social media contacts
  • Personalised calendars
  • Mobile access per App
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