SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH

Branch: machine building, plant engineering

Employees: 60

Customer since: 2012


Business success is calculable

The SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH has specialised to the production of complex handling, assembly and transport plants and operates mainly for the branches automotive, food as well as building material industry. Herewith the SME can count on a high level of experience, flexibility and engineering arts – due to the ERP-software DELECO® also to efficient working processes and an permanently exact overview about all business figures. DELECO® creates the preconditions therefore due to an allover data basis. All working times which the employee uses for a project are registered from the first drawing until the single production steps in the production. The feedback of these times takes place to the split minute via the particular working cards. Furthermore, the machine hours in form of production costs as well as the expenses for purchase parts, external placings or material are used directly from purchase to complete the puzzle. The cost analysis of DELECO® analyses all these data and provides the results by clear analyses and diagrams. Equipped this way, the SME looks confidently to the business future. But there are also plans to use the ERP-system much more further and more intensive: They are planning to implement the paperless office in the next time.

© SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH
The SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH has specialised to the production of this complex handling, assembly and transport plants.
© SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH
The company with over 60 employees supports the customers from the planning, construction, production and programming of the plants until the implementation, service and support.
© SME Sondermaschinenbau Engelsdorf GmbH
The SME is always in demand if standard solutions do not help further and if it means to break new ground.

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