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The IT-branch is characterised by permanent new technologies and innovations. That is why the continuous further development of our software solutions is a fixed part of our company philosophy. DELTA BARTH creates a real added value for its customers by an active scientific exchange with the universities of the region as well as by the participation at different research projects.

The following research projects had been executed so far:

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Anett Klein

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DELECO® ERP – decorated for operating comfort

Profound functionality at continuous high user friendliness - DELECO®, the software for ERP, maintenance management and production planning, provides both and was decorated with the certificate „Usability geprüft“. The IT-experts of the Delta Barth Systemhaus GmbH received the award of the competence center ‚Usability für den Mittelstand (KUM)‘ on the 24th November 2015.

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Private economy forces network expansion

Limbach-Oberfrohna/­Gelenau/­Hartmannsdorf/­Mülsen/­Markkleeberg: The Saxon company union „The Production Network“ forces the connection of its seven partner companies to the broadband network. Since the 2nd of May 2016 the software and IT-specialists of the DELTA BARTH Unternehmensgruppe as well as the OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG and the Limbacher Oberflächenveredelung GmbH possesses the internet with high speed. Herewith the Network mortises the financing completely with own means. The telecommunication service and network provider envia TEL is the partner for the technical execution.

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DELTA BARTH develops intelligent database

Databases are the central information storage of each ERP-software. But there is much more within... How databases do not only depict facts, but are able to change the knowledge management of companies with artificial intelligence this question is answered at the moment by the DELTA BARTH during a new research project.

Transparent and essential analyses of business processes – this is a central requirement of their ERP-system for the most users. Whether turnover figures, production processes or construction plans – the databases of an ERP-software picture systemically the daily working processes of a company in a form of rational data and with it a technical and financial value for the companies. The access to the saved information takes place via fixed defined key words. The turnovers of the last year, the average duration of a certain working cycle or also the time plan of a concrete project can be requested via these keys. „As long as you know what you want to search databases reflect all these information – but they do not deliver any hint about whose meaning or support the user to individualise a search request“, Frank Otto, manager of the project at DELTA BARTH, explains. The research project starts exactly here.

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Design processes transparently – business process modelling

By the employment of a senior inno expert, the project of the „Business process modelling in DELECO® ERP" can be executed. The objective is to improve the software quality of the product.

The donation is fincanced by means of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Free State of Saxony.

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